At 10am, the boat shall leave from Dalyan Harbour. The first stop will be made on the Dalyan River, opposite the historic Rock Tombs for a five minute photo opportunity. Your captain will then continue with the journey on the river, passing through the wooden ‘fish gate’, whilst guests relax and enjoy the beautiful views along the way. The boat will pass Iztuzu (Turtle) Beach, as it joins the Mediterranean Sea, where it continues to the first swimming stop – The Blue Cave. Here, guests can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters. Also a great opportunity to take photos of the magnificent Blue Cave. The tours journey will then take you around the bay of Ekincik, passing the small village beach resort, to the next destination, the uninhabited beach of Semisçe Bay. Here lunch is served on board, whilst guests can swim and sun bathe. Following lunch, your captain shall take you to Kızılburun Bay, or ‘Sail Bay’ as it is sometimes referred to, due to the large ‘sail’ shaped rock protruding from the sea. Here guests can take the opportunity to swim in the beautiful surroundings. The final thirty minute swim stop is made at the Thermal ‘Magic’ Lake (Alagöl), before returning to Dalyan. The lake is referred to as magical, due to its varying ‘magic’ water temperatures – you will experience warmer depths and cooler surface water here.

Departure Time: 10.00am

Arrival Time: 5.30pm

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